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Tout savoir sur la location à Barcelone

Logement : prévoir le coût de vos charges (eau, gaz et électricité) & Internet

Écrit par Delphine Denys

Very often, moving to another country or city for a while can generate great changes and challenges, especially cultural ones. You will discover different ways of living, different customs depending on schedules, diet, language, society norms, since each country has its own rules and Barcelona is no exception. On this occasion, ShBarcelona wishes to keep you informed and presents you with some important criteria that you should know and respect.

Generally, you will encounter changes in any city when it comes to prices and cost of living. Some prejudices suggest that the cost of living in Spain is low, however keep in mind that Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in the country. Housing costs are high and above all, the cost of utilities which are not included in the monthly rent price.

ShBarcelona has created a cost of living calculator, you can calculate your own monthly cost of living in Barcelona by clicking directly on this link . Besides calculating your monthly budget, you can view the average price list of daily commodities such as food, clothing, museums, utilities, housing by neighborhood, etc.

Location d'appartements à Barcelone

Water, gas and electricity

When moving to Barcelona, ​​you must take into account that basic living consumptions such as water, gas and electricity may be more expensive than in the city from which you have moved.

Indeed, for water, the amount of the bill depends on a flat rate based on the number of water outlets. For example, for an accommodation with a sink, a washbasin, a shower and a toilet, it is necessary to count 6.77 € of fixed amount corresponding to the management service, to which must be added the tariff of 0.6189 € / m  3 in the case of where consumption does not exceed 6m3 per month. It is considered that a person consumes around 148 liters of water per day, or a bill of 9.56 € at the end of the month.

The water is distributed by Aigues de Barcelona. You should know that even if the tap water in Barcelona is drinkable, it sometimes has a particular taste and smell. Locals usually drink mineral water.

Regarding gas, count at least 0.050183 € / kWh to which you must add the fixed amount of 3.98 € per month. A person consumes around 167 kWh of gas per month, or a bill of € 12.34 per person per month for gas consumption.

For electricity, the price is 0.11535 € / kWh. A person consumes approximately 476.75kWh of electricity per month, or 54.99 € per person, per month.


Regarding communications via the Internet and mobile phones, the price offers are also very high. Indeed, for access to a very high speed internet connection, count at least 40 € per month with traditional telephone companies (Vodafone, Orange, Movistar…). However, some low cost operators exist (Lowi, Pepephone, Tuenti, etc.). They will give you the same offer for half the price. However, these offers are only available for subscription and online service.

Likewise for mobile plans, prices vary between 12 and 50 € depending on the offer and the operator.

Our advices

In order to anticipate your expenses in terms of water, electricity and gas, we recommend that you estimate the following prices: for one person, plan the cost of monthly charges to be around 75 €, for two people, 120 €, for three people, 160 € and finally for 4 people and more, you will have to pay no less than 220 €. However, these prices are given to you for information, based on an average consumption observed by our tenants in 2017/2018.

Otherwise, you can view the rates offered by local companies live by clicking directly on the desired supplier:




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